Action Plan

Inter University Centre for Teacher Education (IUCTE), BHU, Varanasi

Establishment of IUCTE

Inter University Centre for Teacher Education, BHU came into existence with its launching by the Honourable Prime Minister of India on 25th December 2014 at Swatantrata  Bhawan, BHU, Varanasi. The IUCTE is an Autonomous Body of MHRD, established by University Grants Commission, U/S 12(ccc) of its Act (No. 3 of 1956) and Registered under Society Registration Act 1863.  The IUCTE began functioning with the joining of its 1st Director, Prof. B.K.Tripathi on 23rd December 2016 at UGC New Delhi.

Activities under taken by the Director IUCTE, BHU

  • Visit to Varanasi on 28th December 2017 to discuss with the Vice Chancellor, BHU, Varanasi regarding office space, accommodation and also the Site of IUCTE in BHU campus. On 28th December 2016, meeting was held with Vice Chancellor, BHU and he directed his staff to explore the space for IUCTE Office and accommodation for Director, IUCTE.


  • A meeting was held on 29th December with the Superintendent Engineer (Project Manager), CPWD and University Work Division (UWD), BHU and visit of Site at Sunder Bagia, BHU was made.


  • A project on Quality Learning in Science & Mathematics of MHRD which is allocated to NCERT with a direction that the IUCTE, BHU will also collaborate in the project. The 1st joint meeting of the Director, NCERT and Director, IUCTE with the all stake holders (State Functionary, DIET, BRC, Head of the Schools) was held on 17th January 2017 at BHU.


  • Since then the IUCTE is continuously engaged in the project.


  • Selection of experimental Schools at Block level (around 95), interaction with the concerned authority and preparation of tools have been initiated.


  • Director made a Visit to UGC, in connection with the allocation of seed fund to IUCTE and also regarding Constitution of Governing Board.


  • Fund was received from UGC on 29th January 2017.


  • The office space to IUCTE was allotted by BHU on the 16th February, 2017 in Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Hostel (04 rooms) which was handed over on 20 February 2017 along with the support of one Asst Registrar (Services to IUCTE beyond his office hours) who is currently looking after the functions of IUCTE as Sr. Administrative Officer.


  • Director was working from the Guest House throughout January to Mid of March.


  • The office began to function by the end of March 2017 after creating official ambience through CPWD, Engagement of HR,  Procurement of office furniture etc


  • Hiring of Services and the Procurement of Materials for the IUCTE was made as per BHU Rate Contract and empanelment


  • One retired SO level staff from DLW, Varanasi was also engaged as consultant.


  • Under Quality Learning Program, a Meeting with DIET Principals was held on 25th March 2017 to carry out Base line study.


  • Governing Council & Governing Board was constituted by the UGC, The Director, IUCTE made communication with all the member of Governing Council & Governing Board for their consent.


  • The consent of the members was communicated to the Chairman of Governing Council & Governing Board, thus the Governing Council and Governing Board of IUCTE was finalized by end of March.


  • Director IUCTE Chaired the Inaugural session of the International Conference on Revamping of Education System through New Education Policy (NEP) on 2nd March at Amity University Lucknow.


  • A meeting was held on 25 March 2017 with the VC, BHU officer of British Council Division, India, Expert from India and Abroad, Prof Ray Land, Prof. Kamlesh Joshipura, Prof Nityanand Pandey and the Faculty of Education, BHU.


  • Director, IUCTE chaired the Inaugural Session of National Conference -Cum Work shop on 24th March at Central University of South Bihar, Gaya.


  • Director, IUCTE chaired the Valedictory Session of the National Conference on 27-29 March at IGNOU, New Delhi.


  • Director, IUCTE chaired the Two-Day Workshop on Transacting Students Engagement for Promoting Rural resilience on 30 & 31 March 2017 at Institute of Management, BHU.


  • Director IUCTE was allotted accommodation No E-5 (Jodhpur Colony) by BHU on 11th March 2017 with condition that the house will be handed over once vacated by the acceptant.


  • Meetings with CPWD was under taken in April to enter into Mou on Construction, Repair and Maintenance Work of IUCTE and then the accommodation allotted to Director was handed over to CPWD for renovation.


  • The Chairman of Governing Board, IUCTE was consulted in the beginning of April to hold 1st Governing Board meeting in April but it was learnt that he had declined as Chairman of IUCTE and thus endeavors of holding the Governing Board Meeting in April was suspended.


  • Under the Quality Learning project, tools for Base Line Study was finalized and implemented in the field during the month of April 2017.


  • Continuous monitoring with the DIET Principal, Head Masters & Teachers was done and data collection was done by 2nd week of May 2017.


  • Meeting with Registrar, BHU along with CPWD, UWD, BHU and IUCTE was conducted on 27th April to start Construction Work at the Site of IUCTE.


  • Director, IUCTE Chaired the Inaugural of National Teacher Education Conference on 15th April at Rajkot.


  • Meeting with DIET Principals was held on 25th May for carrying out training programmes in the month of June involving a Science and Mathematics teacher from each school and BRC academic personals.


  • Data analysis was carried out involving the Experts of NCERT, DIET, and Senior Teachers of selected KV.


  • Joint visit on the Site of IUCTE was made on 15th May by CPWD, UWD, BHU and IUCTE, the land was measured and clearly demarcated with Concrete poles by UWD, BHU.


  • CPWD was given the task on 16th May to proceed for initial Construction like Fencing, Entrance Gate, Security Post, Bore Well etc. under intimation to BHU.


  • Training Programme was conducted w.e.f. 12th to 16th Total 110 teachers of science and athematics were participants, experts from NCERT, BHU, Rtd. Faculty, Senior Teachers of KV were invited as resource persons. The teachers from for off places were given boarding and lodging facilities by IUCTE.
  • On the last day of the Training Programme (i.e.16/6/2017) Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey the then Hon’ble MoS (HE), MHRD, GoI Interacted with the Teachers and Teacher Educators and also addressed to the gathering during Valedictory Session.


  • Director provided leadership to the Workshop on Gender Sensitization for School Teachers organized on 28 – 29 July 2017 by the Faculty of Education, BHU,


  • Visit was undertaken for 73 experimental schools of 07 Districts (Varanasi, Jaunpur, Ghazipur, Chandauli, Mirzapur, Sonebhadra and Bhadohi ) to provide on the spot   support to teachers and students.


  • Director, IUCTE chaired a Workshop on Internship in M.Ed. Needed Structures and Quality Dimensions held on 14 August 2017 at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi.


  • Director, IUCTE chaired a Workshop on “Perspectives of National Curriculum” for B.Ed. Students and Teacher Educators on 06 September 2017 at Arya Mahila PG College, Varanasi.


  • The Chairman of the Governing Board of IUCTE was appointed and communicated to us on 11th September, 2017.


  • Director, IUCTE made request to Chairman and other members of GB to hold the 1st meeting of Governing Board within a month.


  • Visit of remaining 22 experimental schools under the project was carried out in September, 2017 to provide on spot support to teachers and students.


  • CPWD handed over the Accommodation to Director after completion of renovation, Director stayed in Guest House From January to August and took possession of the house on 4th September 2017.


  • 2nd Training under Quality Learning in Science and Mathematics was carried out from 4th to 7th October, total 113 teachers and BRC officers attended the programme. Experts from NCERT, BHU, Dr. Yogesh Velankar, Adjunct Faculty, IIT BHU were the expert.


  • 1st Governing Board Meeting of the IUCTE, BHU was held on 12th October, 2017 at Holkar House, BHU, Varanasi.


  • Minutes of the Meeting of 1st Governing Board finalized and circulated to all the members by 30th October, 2017.


  • Director, IUCTE chaired National Seminar on ‘Redefining Education in Global Society : Paradigms for future transformations on 20th October 2017 at Faculty of Education, BHU, Varanasi.


  • Academic consultation to formulate Research Based In Service Teacher Education Focusing on Leadership Role of IUCTE in the Area of Teacher Education has already been initiated.


  • Action on the Minutes of 1st Governing Board has been initiated.


  • A visit of the Site was carried out by officers of BHU, UWD and Estate (BHU) and CPWD on 9th November 2017 and BHU officers instructed the CPWD to stop the work till re-measurement of the land but the construction work has again resumed on the direction of I/C Vice Chancellor, BHU.


  • Director Chaired Valedictory Session of International Conference on Humane Reflective Teacher on 16 the November in School of Education, BHU.


On Constitution of the  Governing Board by UGC and then the Meeting of the Governing Board  held on 12th Oct.2017, the means and  ways of actual functioning of IUCTE became visible and the action has been initiated on all fronts with priority on the followings :-

  1. Recruitment of academic and non academic staff: The proposal as per the approval of GB is being communicated to UGC for approval.


  1. Construction at the site of IUCTE: The construction of work of the Boundary wall, Entrance gate, Security post and Land Development has already started by CPWD.


  1. The Construction of building on the site: Requirement of IUCTE has been given to the CPWD (as a part of their procedure) to prepare enabling estimate by the CPWD. the same is awaited.


  • Conducting Academic Programmes: One mega Research based Training Programme   of National importance in school Education has already been undertaken in collaboration with NCERT. The Programme will be on going in year 2017-18.


  • The IUCTE is Creating Network with all the Teacher Education Institution in Higher Education and school Education such as HRDCs, Institution of PMMMNMTT like School of Education, Faculty Development Centre, Teaching Learning Centre, Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education, Curriculum Devolvement Centres etc. and SCERTs , IASEs, CTEs.


  • The IUCTE has proposed to hold a meeting with the above Intuition to discuss and collaborate to address the pressing need of Teacher Education Ecosystem in India.


Construction at the site of IUCTE, BHU, Varanasi

Prior to the Foundation of IUCTE, 3.05 Acre land was allotted to IUCTE, BHU at Sundar Bagia, BHU by BHU Varanasi for permanent location of IUCTE.  A map of land allocated to IUCTE,  provided by BHU was handed over to Director IUCTE on 16 December 2016 at UGC New Delhi.  Director IUCTE visited the Site and hold the meetings many times with BHU, UWD and CPWD to develop the said land. The land was clearly demarcated by UWD, BHU with concrete poles.  IUCTE has given the task of development of land, Construction of Boundary wall , Gate, Security Post to CPWD, BHU.  CPWD, BHU started the development work on 08 November 2017.  A visit of the Site was carried out by officers of BHU, EWD, Estate (BHU) and CPWD, on 09 November 2017 and officers of BHU instructed CPWD to stop the work till re-measurement of the land but now the construction work on the land has resumed on the direction of I/C Vice Chancellor, BHU.

The construction of Buildings at the site has also initiated and IUCTE has submitted requirements to CPWD to prepare enabling estimate, the same is awaited.

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