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Vision and Mission


Nurture a sustainable ecosystem for capacity building in the field of teacher education.



To empower and enable teacher educators across the entire spectrum from pre-kindergarten to post-graduate levels to design, develop, and implement learning environments such that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed.



  1. To take a Leadership role and drive policies to promote best practices in teaching and learning. 
  1. To become a Hub centre for Innovation, Excellence, and Quality in the field of teacher education. 
  1. Promote Scientific Practices in Teacher Education, Training, Research and Development. 
  1. To provide a common platform for developing, and sharing resources across various disciplines and domains of teacher education. 
  1. To create opportunities for effective design, development and integration of technology in the teaching-learning ecosystem. 
  1. Establish strategic collaborative partnerships with national and international Institutions/Organizations/Experts to synergize capacity building efforts in teacher education.