Teachers Training Programme At MIRZAPUR Held On 5th December, 2018

Training programme was started with the fortunate presence of Resource persons, Prof Aparna Pandey (NCERT, New Delhi), Dr. Arun Kumar Dubey (Community medicine, IMS, BHU), Dr. Somu Singh (Faculty of Education, BHU), Dr. Girish Kumar Tiwari (IUCTE-BHU), Dr. Alok Tripathi (IUCTE-BHU) and DIET principal Shri Phool chandra Yadav by welcoming the participant teachers from the different blocks of Mirzapur district. The programme began with a short introduction of project by DIET principal. Further Dr. Arun Kumar Dubey delivered the lecture on the objectives of new project and about new dimension i.e. "Health" added in the project. In his lecture, he aware the participant about health schemes launched by Govt. of India, mainly "Ayushman Bharat" and Health programme of ministry of Ayush. He discussed the health of body from head to toe and different ways by which anyone could live healthy.

Second session was started with the field activity of Prof. Aparna Pandey, in which she demonstrated the activity based approaches to understand the mathematics problem in simple and interested manner. She discussed the different pedagogical approaches of mathematics teaching to make the math teaching simple and effective to the children. She focused her lecture on how to increase the learning outcome and suggested about NCERT text book of learning outcome, which will be helpful to the teachers.

Next speaker, Dr. Somu Singh discussed the different pedagogical approaches of education and views of National Curriculum Framework 2005 with the participant. He emphasized that activity based teaching using knowledge beyond text book and knowledge beyond classroom will be helpful for better understanding of subject to the student.

Further, Dr. Girish Kumar Tiwari summarized the whole day training programme with very nice inputs on new dimension of the project i.e. "Health". He invited the participants for sharing their experiences of the ongoing training programme. Along with, he also invited the participant from previous training programme for sharing his experience. In his experiences, they said that the training programme is very helpful to them and ensured that they will apply the experiences acquired in the training programme in their classrooms after going back to school.

In last of the training programme, vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Alok Tripathi, IUCTE-BHU. Overall, One day training programme organized by IUCTE BHU in Mirzapur DIET was successfully achieved their goal.