Teachers Training Programme At SONEBHADRA Held On 5th December, 2018

Dr. Archana, IUCTE coordinated the programme. Principal DIET, Sonebhadra inaugurated the programme. He introduced the resource persons from the NCERT and IUCTE to the teachers of Science and Mathematics who were invited from 10 blocks of Sonebhadra District.

Prof. Sunita Farkya gave an overview of last year intervention programme on “Quality Education in Science and Mathematics” and a video on the same was also shown. The teachers shared experiences that they used locally available resources as well as specific experimental methodologies to demonstrate the concepts of science and mathematics.

Dr.  R. P. Maurya gave his expert advice on inculcating health component in school curriculum. He gave name of some herbal medicinal plants for common diseases. He suggested some yoga practices that may be inculcated at upper primary school level.

Post lunch session Dr. Sunita Farkya performed many activities based on the science principles. She gave the example to demonstrate lateral inversion of image by plane mirror in classroom. She explained the concept of biodiversity, VIBGYOR, Herbs & Sherbs, magnetism, dispersion of light etc by involving all the teachers in a very fun way.

Dr. R. P. Maurya demonstrated how to teach basic mathematics concepts such as prime numbers, natural numbers and whole numbers. He also emphasised teachers to adopt Constructive Approach i.e. use of students’ previous knowledge to learn a new concept.

Dr. Menka through a video showed how to use different teaching methods for teaching science topic i.e. Sound. She demonstrated how to link students’ previous knowledge to new knowledge. She emphasized on “Learner Centric Approach” so that learning of students would become more permanent. As far as inculcating health awareness in subject is concerned, the students were made aware of noise pollution and its sources. They were also asked about the harmful effects of noise pollution on human being and measures to prevent it.

After that Dr. Ruhi Dixit discussed the importance of science in everyday life. She suggested implementing a “Learner Driven Approach” in teaching and involvement of the students. She explained the basic concepts of combustion, incomplete combustion with the help of some demonstration. She has shown some activities video related to carbon compounds and relate it with the component Health.

Dr. Archana demonstrated how to use ICT for teaching Social Science. Use of different open resources i.e. NROER, Vigyan prasar, e-Pathsala were demonstrated. Session ended by the vote of thanks by Dr. Archana to DIET Principal and feedback from the participants. Participants appreciated the programme and participated in various activities done by experts.