Teachers Training Programme At GAZIPUR (Team B) Held On 28th November, 2018

The programme started with the formal welcome by Dr. Archana, Academic Consultant, IUCTE of the resource persons and all the participants.

First session began with the lecture of Prof. Hare Ram Pandey, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth on health education and yoga. He said that implementation of Yoga in education is necessary for the improvement of health in the school going children. He also said that Brahmi and other different medicinal plant and healthy nutritional supplement are very useful for the improvement of mental and spiritual health and also enhance the memory and immune system of the body. The daily yogic practice and meditation is must to the school going children because it improves their physical and mental control greatly. He also emphasized that ministry of AYUSH has come out with a prescription for the sound health of student and launch the AYUSH intervention programme. He also practiced some simple yogasan which can be easily performed by the students.

Next speaker Dr. P. K. Chaurasia, NCERT gave a brief introduction about the project AYUSH and Ayushman Bharat and its integration in the current running project. He further spoke on the basic concepts of mathematics like division and subtraction by giving some examples. He told teachers to explain the concept of mathematics principle by very easy tricks because a child mind is not adaptable to learn these things easily. He also discussed about the growth of mind in children at the age of 12 years. A child mind is confused at this age, so it is better to teach him in a very simple way. He imposes on the teaching strategy “Learning without Burden”.

Afternoon session was started with the lecture of Dr. Archana, IUCTE in which she spoke on the use of ICT in teaching with reference to NROER. She also discussed some elements of teaching in geography by showing a video based activity. She emphasized to involve students in the social studies teaching.

Further Dr. Shuchi Dubey, IUCTE gave her lecture on Inclusive Education i.e. education to all as a special education expert. In her lecture, she discussed the hurdles and challenges in the education of differently abled child. She discusses the problem faced by the normal and differently abled child. She tells that teaching the differently abled child is very tough but not impossible if teachers performed it with the different activities.

 At the end, Dr. Ruhi Dixit, IUCTE discussed the importance of science in everyday life. She suggested implementing a “Learner Driven Approach” in teaching and involvement of the students. She explained the basic concepts of combustion, incomplete combustion with the help of some demonstration. She performed different science activities which can easily be carried out in the classroom. These activities will make child curious to learn.

Session ended by the vote of thanks by Dr. Archana and feedback from the participants. Some participants discuss their problem in execution of these approaches in the class. While some also ensured that they will definitely try to make it.