Teachers Training Programme At GAZIPUR (Team A) Held On 28th November, 2018

The programme commenced with the formal welcome by Dr. Paromita Chaubey, Resource Person, IUCTE to the Principal DIET, Saidpur, Ghazipur, Resource Persons from NCERT, BHU, IUCTE and the participants.

Video based Documentary on the  previous project on “Quality Learning in Science and mathematics” was presented by Dr. Paromita Chaubey soon after, followed by a brief outline of the new project on “Quality Health and Education a school based programme”  by Dr. Kaushalendra Singh, Assistant Professor, Arya Mahila PG College, Affiliated to BHU. He explained that Health Education is an integral component of teacher education. Health is incorporated in this study because without having quality of health no one can imagine the quality of education. Health and education must walk side by side and school is the place where these two can take place together. It is also the responsibility of teacher to make aware the students and community about health related issues, their solutions and various schemes and plans launched by the government regarding health. Further, he elaborated the Health programmes of the Ayushman Bharat and Health Program of Ministry of AYUSH.

This was followed by the address of Principal DIET, Saidpur, Ghazipur Varanasi to the participants. He appreciated the Training Programme and motivated the participant to enthusiastically participate in the workshop and utilize their training experience.

In the afternoon session, the first speaker was Prof. V.P Singh, Retired Professor in Mathematics from NCERT explained the core concepts of mathematics in a simple way and encouraged the methods to involve greater participation of students in Mathematics. Magic Maths and number line was meticulously explained and the participants asked a few questions and the session was very interactive.

After that Dr. Awadhesh Mishra, IUCTE, stated his lecture with activity based teaching in Science. He explained the process of Transpiration and Photosynthesis in plants.

The next resource person was Dr. Alok Tripathi, IUCTE, his lecture was based on Plants' parts & it's modification. He demonstrated the Mustard plant, examples of modification and Hibiscus flower for better understanding. His emphasis was on the activity based teaching in Science and the session was quite interactive.

Next speaker was Dr. Paromita Chaubey, IUCTE. In the beginning of her lecture she asked the participants about their knowledge on NCF 2005. She further explained the NCF 2005 in brief and shared her views on Constructivist approach on teaching Social Sciences. She discussed the various ways of improving classroom participation and learning by doing method of teaching History, Civics and Geography. Her lecture was quite interactive and the participants expressed their enthusiasm by asking her a few questions on constructivist approach and ways to plan an activity in classroom.

The last speaker of the session was Dr. Menka, IUCTE. Her presentation was on activity based Science Teaching and her topic on “SOUND”. She explained the various mediums of sound transmission with the help of some videos.

At the end, the participants were asked to share their experiences of the workshop and the ways they feel this training could help them to teach better in their classrooms.

The programme ended with vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Paromita to the DIET Principal, Resource persons and Participants of the programme followed with a group photograph.