Teachers Training Programme At VARANASI Held On 27th November, 2018

This training programme was started by introductory session given by Dr. Paromita Chaubey. Video based Documentary on the previous project on “Quality Learning in Science and mathematics” was presented by Dr. Paromita Chaubey.

Further Dr. Alok Gardia, BHU gave a brief introduction about the proposed programme. He explained the participants about the government scheme Ayushman Bharat and Health Programme of Ministry of AYUSH and its integration in the current running programme. Integrated approach to health and education envisages that available health services in the community be utilised to the maximum along with incorporating elements of health and physical education in the process of learning of children not as a subject matter but as practice in day to day activities.

Next speaker Prof. V. P. Singh, NCERT explained the basic concepts of mathematics to teachers. He described teachers to explain the content through process and make it interesting so that students take interest in studying mathematics. Prof. V.P. Singh motivated teachers to change their attitude towards teaching methodology.  He also recites some motivational stories of renowned mathematicians and suggested teachers to include it in their teaching practices. He also gave advice to participants to go beyond the textbooks for the better understanding of the students.

Dr. Alok Gardia, BHU started the afternoon session and spoke about the Importance of Education and Health: Understanding school children health and school based health education programme.  He explained about different disorders present among the students and also described integration of effective health education in the curriculum.

Further Dr. Paromita Chaubey, IUCTE started her lecture on the teaching methodology on social studies and performed an activity to explain the concept of government. Further she describes that social studies is a subject which is close to the life of an individual. Thus, a teacher has to plan activities like problem solving, dramatisation, role play along with utilisation of resources like audio visual materials, photographs, charts, maps and models to take care of the diverse learning needs of children in the classroom. She also discussed some salient points of NCF 2005.

In the end, Dr. Ruhi Dixit, IUCTE discussed the importance of science in everyday life. She suggested implementing a “Learner Driven Approach” in teaching and involvement of the students. She explained the basic concepts of combustion, incomplete combustion with the help of some demonstration. She has shown some activities video related to carbon compounds and relate it with the component Health.

Then, Dr. Gyan Singh asked the participants to give their feedback on the training programme. Participants were very excited and discussed the benefits of the programme. They also said they will go to implement these changes in their teaching from the very next day.

DIET professor Dr. Umesh Shukla delivered his vote of thanks speech. He said that this programme will be successful if the teachers keep an approach based on Learning Outcome.