Teachers Training Programme At CHANDUALI Held On 27th November, 2018

IUCTE BHU organized a training programme on “Integrated Approach on Quality Health and Education: School based Programme” at DIET of the district Chandauli. The institute trained 100 teachers at the DIET of the District Chandauli. This training programme was started by Introduction session which is given by Dr. Archana. Further DIET Principal Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Singh welcomed all the delegates and the participants. He admires the effort of Prof. B.K. Tripathi, Director and the staff IUCTE, BHU in the organization of this workshop and ensured his full support in the successful completion of this project.

Prof Sunita Farakya, NCERT gave the brief introduction about the training programme. Prof. Sunita Farakya delivered lecture with a lots of examples on learning Science on the different themes: ‘learning by doing’, ‘Learning through Activities’ and ‘Learning through Experimentation’ based approaches. She emphasized upon the significance of understanding the process of learning Science with observations, classifications, evidences based teaching and observation based teaching. Prof Sunita Farakya also pointing out, how to teach the school children in a meaningful and scientific way.

Prof. Hare Ram Pandey, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth spoke on Health Education and Yoga. Further, he said that implementation of Yoga in education is necessary for the improvement of health in the school going children. The daily yogic practice and meditation is must to the school going children because it improves their physical and mental control greatly. He also emphasized that ministry of AYUSH has come out with a prescription for the sound health of student and launch the AYUSH intervention programme.

Afternoon session started with Dr. Archana, IUCTE in which she spoke on the use of ICT in teaching with reference to NROER. She also discusses some elements of teaching in geography by showing a video based activity. She emphasizes to involve students in the social studies teaching.

After that Dr. Awadhesh Mishra, IUCTE stated his lecture with activity based teaching in Science. He explained the process of Transpiration and Photosynthesis in plants.

The last speaker of the session was Dr. Menka, IUCTE. Her presentation was on activity based Science Teaching and her topic on “SOUND”. She explained the various mediums of sound transmission with the help of some videos.

At the end, Dr. Awadhesh Mishra, IUCTE gave the vote of thanks and feedback of the participants was recorded.