Teachers Training Programme At BHADOHI Held On 27th November, 2018

Training programme was started with the auspicious presence of Prof P.K. Chaurasia NCERT, Dr. Girish Kumar Tiwari, Dr. Alok Tripathi & Dr. Shuchi Dubey, IUCTE BHU and DIET principal Dr. Rajendra Pandey by welcoming the participant teachers from the different blocks of Bhadohi district.

The programme began with an introductory documentary based on the previous QLSM project. Prof. P K Chaurasia delivered the lecture on the themes of new project and about new dimension added i.e. "Health" in the project. In his lecture, he emphasized on the schemes launched by Govt. of India for the enhancement of the health facility in the rural area, mainly "Ayushman Bharat" and Health programme of ministry of Ayush. Further he discussed the different pedagogical approaches of mathematics teaching to make it simple and effective to the children. He advocated the major problems which are faced by the school teachers in mathematics teaching classes. He imposes on the teaching strategy “Learning without Burden” and suggested to explain mathematical concepts in interesting manner incorporating the activities that could able to incline the children towards the subject.

Afternoon session was started with the lecture of Dr. Alok Tripathi, on the topic Health & Education. He discussed the importance of integrative study of Health, Physical Education and Yoga for the holistic development of children as mentioned in the "Teachers’ Guides on Health and Physical Education". He said that health should be given same attention as education because a sound body has a sound mind. Further Dr. Tripathi delivered his lecture on Plants' parts & it's modification as a Science subject expert. The topic was based on a chapter of class VI science textbook "Jeevon ki rachana tatha Kriyayen". In his lecture he emphasized on the various 'learning by doing' and 'experimental' activities by which science could be easily taught to the children.

Further, Dr. Shuchi Dubey, gave her lecture on the topic Inclusive education, Individual differences, Multiple Intelligence and Role of teachers and teaching methods.  She discussed the hurdles and challenges in the education of differently abled child. Concluding her lecture, she said that teaching the disabled child is very tough but not impossible if teachers performed it with the different activities.

In the last lecture of the training programme, Dr. Girish Kumar Tiwari, very nicely discussed the new dimension of the project i.e. "Health". As a subject expert of Language he delivered his lecture on the ironic play entitled "Jiske hum Mama hai" written by Sharad Joshi. He narrated the story in the video mode with inputs of the technology by which anyone could make the teaching of language interesting. By the play, he depicted the current situation of the society in regarding the government and politician who always show respect to the public before the election and after the election they forget that they are elected by their voters.

In the last of the training programme, DIET professor Dr. Rajendra Pandey delivered vote of thanks. Experience of the training programme was advocated by different participants and they appreciated the efforts of the IUCTE, BHU. They said that this programme is very helpful to them and ensured that they will apply the acquired experiences in their classrooms after going back to school. Overall, one day training programme organized by IUCTE, BHU in Bhadohi DIET was successfully achieved their goal.