Minutes of the 2nd Governing Board Meeting Of IUCTE, BHU Held On 21st December, 2018 At 11:00 AM at BHU, Varanasi

Minutes of the 2nd Governing Board Meeting Of IUCTE, BHU Held On 21st December, 2018 At 11:00 AM at BHU, Varanasi


Agenda: 1    Confirmation of Governing Board Meeting held on 12th Oct 2017.

The minutes of 1st Governing Board Meeting was circulated to the Chairman and all Members of the Governing Board. No comments received on the minutes. The minutes of 1st Governing Board Meeting may kindly approve. (Enclosure - 1)


Agenda: 2    Action taken on the Minutes of the 1st Governing Board Meeting held on 12th October, 2017.



Item No

Agenda Point

Remarks of Governing Board

Action taken


A brief about the IUCTE, BHU.



Vision and Plan of Action.


Presentation made by the Director was appreciated and-Noted.


The committee suggested that a consultative committee may be constituted by the IUCTE, involving the Experts and the Research Advisory Committee to develop the Vision and Task Ahead.


Action not required.




Consultative Committee Meeting was convened.


The Governing Council of IUCTE held on 27th August 2018 has taken note of it and advised to prepare Vision document of IUCTE involving       experts and Heads of similar Institutions specifying outcome/targets for 05 years, 10 years and 15 years.


Work in process.


To consider approval of  Academic Activities :-


(i) Annual Meetings


(ii)Conferences/Seminar/Online Interactions


(iii)Academic Programme/Projects





Considered the Academic Activities. The members deliberated on various academic activities to be under taken by the IUCTE and Agreed that the activities may require meetings with Stake Holders, Conference, Seminar, On line interactions, Research studies, Surveys and Publications.  It was suggested that the same may also be discussed with the consultative committee.




The proposal of publication of Journals by the IUCTE was appreciated and suggested that the activity may be undertaken once the Regular/Consultant Faculty and Technical Staff are appointed.


As suggested by the GB Consultative Committee was constituted.

 Meeting of the Consultative Committee held on 16/2/2018 along with Research Advisory Committee. The suggestions of the Consultative Committee have been taken in the formulation of Academic Programme of 2017-18.  



Action not required.


To consider approval of Logo/Web Site of IUCTE, BHU


Considered Logo and Web Site and Approved.  Governing Board observed that a word ‘BHU’ may be added in the Logo.



Word ‘BHU’ has been added in the Logo of IUCTE.  (Enclosure –2 )


To consider approval of Academic Programme for 2017-18


The Director made Power Point Presentation of two Academic Programmes.

The members deliberated on different components of both the programme and Approved.


Programmes have been completed.


To consider approval of Transitory provision of Bye-Laws and removal of difficulties

Considered Transitory Provision of Bye-Laws and removal of difficulties. The Members noted that IUCTE has prepared their Bye-Laws using reference of the Bye-Laws of Consortium of Educational Communication (CEC) other IUCs and Suggested that it may be suitably modified, keeping in view the MoA of the IUCTE, and submitted to UGC for vetting and then placed in the next meeting of Governing Board.









Under process


To consider and approve the Recruitment of Academic, Administrative, Technical and Ancillary staffs for IUCTE.


The Governing Board deliberated on the agenda and agreed on the proposal for recruitment of Academic, Administrative & Technical Staff for the IUCTE. It was suggested that the Recruitment Rule for all cadres may be revised and submitted to the UGC for budgetary approval.
























The Governing Board agreed on appointing the Visiting, Associate/Professor, Consultant, Guest Faculty and Adjunct Faculty as per norms of the MHRD, UGC and GoI. The GB also agreed on the proposal of IUCTE to use services of Out Sourcing Agencies to meet the need of HR personal such as Typist, Accountant, House Keeper, MTS etc as per DoPT and GoI norms.



Action completed.


The matter of Budgetary approval was placed in the 1st Finance Committee of the IUCTE and it was reported by UGC that the Staff requirement (Academic, Administrative, Technical & Ancillary) for establishment of IUCTE has already been approved by the commission of UGC. The IUCTE to proceed with same and submitted the Recruitment Rule accordingly. The Recruitment Rule has been finalised by the IUCTE through proper consultation and discussion involving BHU, IIT BHU and other Central Government Organization and has been submitted to UGC. Placed at Annexure - 1


As per the need of Academic and Administrative functions for the year 2017-18.

Consultants in Academic/ Administrative/ Technical, Research Associates/Project Fellows and HR through Outsourcing agencies have been used.



                            To consider approval of Construction of Building at permanent site of IUCTE, Sundar Bagia, BHU.


Considered construction of building.  The members appreciated the efforts of IUCTE. It was agreed by GB that the construction work may be taken up by the CPWD and Approved. However, it was suggested that a Building and Works Committee, as per UGC guide lines for the Central Universities may be considered by UGC for IUCTE, BHU. The Building and Works Committee may examine the technical aspects of the proposal of construction work to be submitted by CPWD.


























The work of the Development of the land and Construction of fencing, entrance gate, security post and Bore well  which has been assigned to CPWD was also discussed by the members, it was appreciated and Approved.


Action Completed.


(i) As per the approval of 1st GB, construction work has been assigned to CPWD. The action was also supported by the IUC, Bureau of UGC and 1st FC of IUCTE.         


(ii)MOU between CPWD and IUCTE has been signed.


(iii) Appointment of Consultant for construction of the IUCTE building by CPWD.


(iv) Building & Works Committee has been constituted as per UGC norms.


(v) Detail Project Report (DPR) has been prepared by CPWD and submitted to IUCTE.


 The first Building & Works Committee held on 06th December 2018 at BHU, Varanasi.


The DPR and comprehensive Planning and design for the Residential and Non Residential buildings of the IUCTE was approved by the Building & Works Committee.


CPWD has completed the Boundary Wall, Bore well, Security Post & Gate work in progress.


To consider approval of Semi Permanent Structure at the site of IUCTE, Sunder Bagia, BHU to shift the office of IUCTE at the earliest



Considered Semi-Permanent Structure.     The Committee appreciated the need of the IUCTE to shift from the SSB Hostel provided by BHU (Hostel environment may not be congenial to the IUCTE as an Academic Institution) to its own site and Approved, subject to approval of budget by the UGC.


This agenda was placed to the UGC in the meeting of 1st FC on 21 Jan, 2018 which was deferred.


To consider Approval of appointment of Auditor for FY 2017-18      

Considered appointment of Auditor for F.Y. 2017-18 and Approved.


Action completed.


To consider nomination of various committees :-Finance Committee

Research Advisory Committee.


NOTED. It was suggested that the name of Committee Members may be sent to all members of the GB.


Action completed.  (Enclosure-3)

List of FC & RAC members.


To ratify actions taken by the Director IUCTE, BHU.


Considered action taken by the Director, IUCTE. The members discussed the action taken by the Director under the headings Services, Fund (2016-17) and Financial Proposal Ratified And Approved.


Considered demurrage charge to be paid to NCERT towards the accommodation in the NCERT which was in the possession of Prof. B. K. Tripathi, Director, IUCTE. The matter was discussed and the proposal was Agreed. However it was suggested that

(i)      A letter may be written to the Director NCERT (referring to GB) to waive the Demurrage charges levied to Director IUCTE, Prof. B.K. Tripathi vide NCERT letter No F.No. 4-14/V-3/74-C&W/2754-2761 dated 11/8/2017, because the Director IUCTE, is entitled for free, furnished accommodation which had not been provided to him by IUCTE, during the period mentioned above.

(ii)    Based on the outcome from NCERT, action may be taken by IUCTE. The same may be placed in next GB for Ratification.


Utilisation of NCERT Fund: The committee appreciated the collaboration of NCERT and IUCTE in the project of MHRD and NOTED that nothing has been utilised by IUCTE towards its functions out of the fund received from NCERT for the above project.


Action not required.









Action Completed.


In view of the suggestion of the GB, IUCTE has taken up the matter with NCERT New Delhi vide letter No2/IUCTE/ACCN/ 2017/83 dt. 16 Nov 2017(Enclosure-4) to condone the same by competent authority.  The matter was examined by the NCERT and informed to us vide their letter No F.4-14/V-3/74-C&W/4236-4241 dt 19 March 2018 to deposit the demurrage charges Rs. 1,61,233/- by IUCTE.     (Enclosure-5)



The demurrage charges has been paid by IUCTE to NCERT New Delhi vide letter No 8/IUCTE/Demurrage/2018-19/279 on        05th April, 2018.

(Enclosure – 6)


Action completed.




Agenda No 3 :         Approval of the Minutes of 1st Finance Committee.                                                                                 

The 1st Finance Committee Meeting was held on 22nd January, 2018    at UGC, New Delhi. The Chairman and Members of Finance Committee deliberated various proposals and the Expenditure incurred during 2017-18 under Recurring and Non Recurring to the tune Rs. 1,43,06,227.00, dully audited by authorised Chartered Accountant and was placed in the 2nd Finance Committee Meeting of the IUCTE which was  approved. The audited Annual Financial Report (2017-18)   and the Minutes of the 1st FC is placed at Enclosure-7, may kindly   approve. The Minutes of the 1st Finance Committee was approved


Agenda No 4 :         Approval of the Minutes of 2st Finance Committee.

The 2nd Finance Committee Meeting was held on 21st December, 2018 at 09:00AM at BHU, Varanasi. The members deliberated on various proposals and approved the minutes. The minuets of the 2nd FC may please be approved. The Minutes of the 2nd Finance Committee was Circulated to the Members. The Minutes of the 2nd Finance Committee was approved


Agenda No 5 :         To consider and approval of the extension of the statutory auditor for the Financial Year 2018-19.

CA A.K. Mishra and Associates, empanelled with CAG, was hired for the services of Chartered Accountant for the FY 2017-18. His services have been further extended for the FY 2018-19 submitted for approval. Approved


Agenda No 6 :         To consider and approval of the minutes of Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

Research Advisory Committee of IUCTE was held on 16th February, 2018 at BHU, Varanasi. The members deliberated on Academic Activities. The approved Minutes are placed at Enclosure–8 submitted for approval. Approved


Agenda No 7: To consider and approval the Annual of Report 2017-18.

A comprehensive Annual Report of 2017-18 of IUCTE covering various aspects i.e. Establishment, Objective, Functions, Construction on the site, Constitution of various committees, Academic Programmes etc has been prepared and submitted to UGC on 27 June 2018. Annexure -2 Approved


Agenda No 8:  To consider and approval of Detail Project Report (DPR) and comprehensive Planning and design for the Residential and Non Residential buildings of the IUCTE submitted by CPWD.

The DPR and comprehensive Planning and Design for the Residential   and Non Residential buildings of the IUCTE was submitted by CPWD on 17th November, 2018. A meeting of Building & Works Committee was fixed on 06th December, 2018. The Building & Works Committee discussed in detail all the aspects of the DPR. The DPR with an estimated cost of Rs. 107, 36, 55,000.00 was approved by the Building & Works Committee. The proposal was submitted in 2nd FC and approved. The DPR and comprehensive Planning and design for the Residential and Non Residential buildings of the IUCTE is placed at Annexure - 3 & 4 and submitted for approval.

DPR submitted by CPWD is approved with an observation that exterior architectural aesthetics of both Gate and Buildings of IUCTE may be matching with the BHU buildings.


Agenda No 9:  To Consider and Approval of the Appointment on deputation.

The IUCTE has been functioning since March, 2017 from its Office at Dr. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Guest House, BHU, Varanasi.  The Centre has taken up the Academic Programs on In Service Teacher Education at large scale. A Programme in 2018-19, involving 1000 Schools in Seven Districts (Varanasi, Chandauli, Mirzapur, Bhadohi, Sonebhadra, Jaunpur & Ghazipur) of Varanasi and Mirzapur Division is currently in operation.   Our study in the year 2017-18 was very successful which was conducted in the same districts.

During the Meeting taken by the Hon’ble HRM on 31st October, 2018 regarding the functioning of the IUCTE, the mentioned academic programme was highly appreciated.The Hon’ble HRM directed that the program may be carried out with the same Intervention strategies as has been done in the study of 2017-18.  The IUCTE has also initiated the program on Impact Studies and formulation of new strategies for effective implementation of the Teacher Training through HRDCs and other similar Agencies.

The permanent establishment of the IUCTE at its site at Sunder Bagiya, BHU is at the stage of the construction.

In view of the above, both the Administrative and Financial Management has increased enormously. The Recruitment Rules of the IUCTE is yet to be finalised and therefore it is proposed that at least Officers at the level of Senior Administrative Officer-01 in the Scale of 7600 and Administrative Offices-02 in the Scale of 5400 (as per 6th CPC to be placed in 7th CPC) for Administration and Accounts work may be allowed by deputation/short term contract as per the Rules of DoPT, Govt. of India Norms till the new incumbents joins. The proposal is submitted for approval.

May proceed with CRR