Awareness Programme on Health and Education of Girls/women

Inter University Centre for Teacher Education, BHU, Varanasi


Awareness Programme on Health and Education of Girls/women”


A Brief Report of the Programme


An Awareness programme on the the Health and Education of Girls/ Women was conducted by Inter University Centre for Teacher Education (IUCTE),  BHU  at Sudha Institute of Environment and Technology , Audhe Village, Varanasi on 8th September, 2018. The programme was conducted keeping in mind the Government schemes for the Education, Health and Empowerment of the Girls/Women like “BetiBachaoBetiPadhao”, ‘Mission Indradhanush’ “Sukanya SamridhhiYojna”, STEP, UjjwalaYojna etc.

The awareness Program me was undertaken as an outdoor Activity by Inter University Centre for Teacher Education (IUCTE) BHU, Varanasi attended by experts from Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) ,BHU, Doctors from Sir Sunderlal Hospital (SSH), BHU ,Varanasi, renowned Social Activists/ NGO worker   and Legal Advocacy Professional in the area of Women Education and Literacy , ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers and  public representatives .

We  express our gratitude towards MLA Surendra Narayan Singh sir of Rohaniya Assembly Constituency, for his encouragement for the program me also are extremely thankful to  Prof. B.D Tripathi for his support in providing the spacious Hall of his Institute “Sudha Institute of Environment and Technology , Audhe” and all that was  needful  for the successful conduction of the program me.

The programme started with the formal welcome of the experts with a bouquet of flowers by the Senior Consultant Dr. G.N Tiwari  and other staffs of IUCTE which was followed by a presentation of the Brief Outline of the program me by Prof. G.C Upadhyay ,Academic Consultant (IUCTE), BHU. Prof. Upadhyay emphasized on the government policies like “BetiBachhaoBetiPadhao” where Protection of the Girl child is the priority further he stressed that “If the Girl child survives then only we can think of educating her”.

Dr. Manushi Srivastava, Associate Professor, Community Medicine ,IMS, BHU expressed her concern for  the decling sex ratio in some of the states like Haryana is 879 females for each 1000 male, which is below national average of 940 as per census 2011.  She said it is imperative to create a gender sensitive environment in our families and society. She further cited some real life examples stating the differentiating attitude of parents towards the Girl Child.Dr. Manushi, shared her views on the “Mission Indradhanush”and laid emphasis on Immunization of   each and every child under two years of age and all those pregnant women who have been left uncovered under the routine immunization programme.

Dr. Ruchi, Senior Lady Doctor, Sir Sunderlal Hospital, (SSH), BHU explained the biological changes that occurs during puberty among  adolescent girls and also explained in detail about the need of proper diet and nutrition among young girls and women. She further shared her views on depression among adolescents and the need of counselling during this transitional phase in life . It is the duty of the parents to educate their girls regarding their hormonal and biological changes occurring during adolescence, if needed they must consult a counsellor. Early pregnancy and anemia during pregnancy also results in  infant mortality and detoriating health condition in females.

Dr. Bhavana Joshipura, Senior Advocate, Gujrat High Court and renowned Social worker spoke about the “Role of NGO’s in creating Awareness in Health and Education of Women”.She shared her real life experiences in the field, and  emphasized that a change in the perspective towards girls can change their situation. She exemplified that how NGOs are creating a big difference by providing women with employment, education and legal advocacy. She focused on the need of marital counselling and legal advocacy in case of domestic violence faced by women. NGO’s are working in the field of Health and Education of girls and they are taking various initiatives to empower women through their campaigns.

Dr. B.D Tripathi, renowned Environmentalist and founder of Sudha Institute of Environment and Technology shared his views on “Environment and Health” and how the components of the environment are related to the health of human beings. He emphasized on the importance of changing our views on treating girl’s as a burden . He said that only by providing better education facilities to girls/women we can make them more empowered.

Dr. B.K Tripathi , Director, IUCTE delievered the presidential remarks and shared his views on  the   number of initiatives for expansion of girls’ education like the  Scheme of  “BetiBachao, BetiPadhao”, futher he expalained the three major objectives of the scheme which are (i) To prevent gender biased sex selective elimination (ii) To ensure survival and protection of the girl Child (iii) To ensure education and participation of the girl child.   He also gave a brief overview of other schemes like Sukanya SamridhhiYojna, STEP for the employment of women, Udaan, Ujjwala etc. He further appealed the participants of the programme to spread their knowledge and awareness on the issues of Health and Education of girls/women in their areas, village and society.

The program me was anchored by Dr. Paromita Chaubey and Vote of thanks was given by Dr. R. J Vishwakarma.