Minutes of the 1st Governing Council of IUCTE held on 27th August, 2018 at 02:30 P.M at LD Guest House, BHU, Varanasi

Minutes of the 1ST Governing Council of IUCTE, BHU, Varanasi

 Held on 27TH August, 2018 at 02:30 P.M. at LD Guest House,


Members Present:


Prof D. P. Singh

Chairman, UGC

:     President


Prof. H. K. Senapathy

Director, NCERT

:     Member


Prof. Yogesh Singh

VC, Delhi Technological University

:     Member


Prof. K. C. Sharma           

VC Kurukshetra University

:     Member



Prof. Shashikala Wanjari

VC-SNDT Women’s University

:     Member


Prof. Jandhyala B. G. Tilak

Ex Vice-Chancellor, NUEPA

:     Member


Dr. Sunita Kaushik

Director, SCERT, Delhi

:     Member


Prof. B. K. Tripathi

Director, IUCTE, BHU, Varanasi

:     Member Secretary


At the outset the Director, IUCTE Prof. B. K. Tripathi welcomed the Chairman, UGC and President of Governing Council Prof. D. P. Singh with the flower and momento of IUCTE. Further he welcomed all the members of Governing Council with flower and momento of IUCTE. The President of the Governing council Prof. D. P. Singh initiated the Governing Council Meeting by welcoming members and Director, IUCTE. He desired the formal agenda to be taken up.

Prof. B.K. Tripathi, Director, IUCTE, BHU presented the agenda item wise and the establishment of IUCTE to 1st Governing Council.  An Audio/Visual of the Foundation ceremony by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. Besides that he also explained about the 4 year integrated course adopted by IUCTE, BHU which was already been accepted and implemented by UGC.

The Director, IUCTE gave detailed information of the Project Quality Learning of Science & Mathematics (QLSM) at Upper Primary School level undertaken in 7 Districts of Varanasi & Mirzapur Division. The outcome in the last 18 months in this project of QLSM is very encouraging and planning to extent it in 1000 schools of Varanasi & Mirzapur Division. A meeting with both Joint Directors of Varanasi & Mirzapur division, all CMOs of 7 Districts, DIET Principals, BSAs, Senior faculty members from Institute of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Education & Faculty of Social Science, BHU have been convened.  There was a mutual consensus that along with the Quality Learning of Science & Mathematics (QLSM), integrated health programme of “Ayushman Bharat” which is going to be launched from 25th September, 2018 and AYUSH programme may also be implemented in coordination with the CMOs of 7 Districts and Dean, Faculty of Ayurveda, BHU.

The audited account statement right from the inception up till March 2018 was presented, which was unanimously approved.  All the Governing Council Members contributed with their valuable suggestions for the development of IUCTE.

Prof. D.P. Singh, Chairman, UGC appreciated the effort of Director, IUCTE, BHU, who has done a commendable work in establishing the IUCTE in a very short span of time.  He further added that we are going to create a history of IUCTE, BHU which will come up as model Institution in the field of Transforming quality Teaching and quality teachers.  The Chairman emphasized that there was no dearth finances in developing the infrastructure & facilities of IUCTE, BHU.  The UGC will held to the extent possible to create World Class facility to equip the IUCTE, BHU in imparting qualitative change in Education & producing World Class Teachers with updated knowledge.

Governing Council Members reiterates the importance of following aspects:

Prof. H.K. Senapaty

  • Holistic approach of Education
  • At least One period in a week is compulsory for all the Classes for health(Yoga, Games, Physical education etc)
  • Orientation of our Teachers & strengthen the in service programme.

Prof. Yogesh Singh

  • Class room teaching is a challenge as students are not getting any interest in Classroom
  • Laboratories are taking back stage and we must focus on practical oriented teaching.
  • Should follow experiment based teaching rather than information based teaching.
  • Recruitment of Teachers, we should have a selection process and we can think of a framework to find who are passionate about Teaching.

Prof. Shashikala Wanjari

  • She suggested to improve Quality of Teacher Education Program.

Meeting of the 1st Governing Council of IUCTE   Meeting of 1st Governing Council of IUCTE