Minutes of the Meeting with the principals of DIETs 23/06/2018 at IUCTE, BHU


Inter University Centre for Teacher Education, BHU, Varanasi

 “Quality learning in Science and Mathematics”

Minutes of the Meeting with the principals of DIETs

23/06/2018 at IUCTE, BHU


A meeting was conducted in the IUCTE, BHU with the DIETs of the Seven Districts i.e. Varanasi, Bhadohi, Chandauli, Mirzapur, Jaunpur, Ghazipur and Sonbhadra to take the stock of the progress in “Quality Learning in Science and Mathematics” project being conducted in all the blocks (88) of these districts. Prof. B. K. Tripathi, Director, IUCTE chaired the meeting. Other members of the IUCTE were also present.

Present Members:



 Prof. B.K Tripathi

Director, IUCTE BHU, Varanasi

 : Chairman


Mr. Sanjay Singh

DIET, Mirzapur

: Member


Mr. Anuj Sharma

DIET, Varanasi

: Member

Mr. Nand Lal Singh

DIET, Sonbhadra



Mr. Piyush Kumar Singh

DIET, Varanasi

: Member


Mr. Uma Nath

DIET, Saidpur, Ghazipur

: Member


Mr. Suryakanth Tripathi

DIET, Bhadohi

: Member


Dr. Paras Nath

DIET, Chandauli

: Member


Mr. Satish Chandra Maurya

DIET, Jaunpur

: Member


Dr. Yogesh Velankar

Adjunct Faculty,  IIT, BHU

: Special Invitee





Members of the IUCTE:






Dr. G. N. Tiwari

Senior Consultant


Mr. Munna Singh Kushwaha

Teaching Assistant


Dr. Ruhi Dixit

Project Fellow


The outcome of the Baseline and Terminal Surveys of the program on Science and Mathematics Learning were discussed with all the members. The progress of the schools was also discussed by the Chairman during the meeting.

In view of the outcome, following points were discussed to strengthen the project:

  • The progress reports of the outcome of the Baseline and Terminal Survey of the quality learning project were discussed and a significant improvement in the achievement score was satisfactory.
  • The qualitative improvement in the teaching, learning practices of the teachers was reported by all the members of the DIET present.
  • The changes in the quantitative score especially, variation among the block was discussed and suggestion were made to take further care.
  • The DIETs were of the opinion to take up this program in few more schools in each block involving the schools under study as a Resource for other schools. However, it was requested that the support from IUCTE may be provided for training of the Teachers and RPs of BRCs.
  • The Principals of DIETs were requested to hold a meeting with the schools in their Blocks and obtain feedback. A brief report may be submitted by 10th of July, 2018.
  • The proposal for extension of the training to more schools was appreciated.
  • Accordingly, it was proposed to hold a combined meeting of all the principals of the DIET and BSAs by end of July to provide a detailed guideline for the extension of the project in at least ten more school in each block.
  • Ten schools which shall be included from each block will be selected by DIETs through BSA.
  • It was proposed that the training programme for new schools may be started by September, 2018 at the DIETs of each District.

Review meeting with DIETs at IUCTE

  • A suggestion was made to include those two schools in the programme where science labs have recently been given by the U.P. Government. These schools can be treated as a “Resource School” in future.
  • Regarding the outcome assessment of the project (2018-2019) is concerned, it was proposed to undertake Teacher’s reflection and School based test at the terminal stage. The IUCTE would provide tools for the assessment.
  • A Research-Portal may be designed where all the documents related to “Quality Learning Project” will be uploaded so that all the teachers can access all the information related to project. Learning material, progress of students, Teacher’s reflection etc may be uploaded on this web portal.
  • Yogesh Velankar, Adjunct Faculty, IIT, BHU, suggested that success stories may also be uploaded on the IUCTE website so that they can be shared to other schools.
  • A suggestion to organize webinar was proposed by Dr. Yogesh Velankar.
  • Principal of the DIETS informed that the internet accessibility is not available in their schools.