Meeting with the principals of DIETs

“Quality learning in Science and Mathematics”


Minutes of the Meeting with the principals of DIETs


23/02/2018 at IUCTE, BHU


Present Members:





Prof. B.K Tripathi

Director, IUCTE BHU, Varanasi


: Chairman





Dr. B.K. Singh

DIET, Sonbhadra

: Member





Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh

DIET, Varanasi

: Member





Mr. Satish Chandra Maurya

DIET, Jaunpur

: Member





Mr. Paras Nath

DIET, Chandauli

: Member





Mr. P.C. Yadav

DIET, Mirzapur

: Member





Mr. Arun Kumar Pandey

DIET, Ghazipur

: Member





Mr. Suryakanth Tripathi

DIET, Bhadohi

: Member





Mr. Ajeet Pratap. Singh

DIET, Chandauli

: Member





Mr. Rajesh Srivastava

DIET, Jaunpur

: Member





Dr. Yogesh Velankar

Adjunct Faculty,  IIT, BHU

: Invited




The progress of the program on Science and Mathematics Learning was discussed with all the members. The progress of the concerned District was also mentioned by the Principals/ Incharge of the DIET.


The views of the members on holding the post- test and its operational modalities were also discussed. It was decided to proceed with the following timelines.


  • The post test will be held in all the selected schools on 9th March 2018 at 10:00 A.M.


  • DIETs will inform the selected school including schools in the Adharsh Vidyalaya about the date for the post test i.e., 9th March 2018.


  • Each DIETs will communicate the IUCTE, BHU about the strength of the students in classes 6th, 7th and 8th in selected schools of their Districts by 28th February 2018.


  • Questions will be printed and sent to the DIETs by 7th March 2018


  • The answer sheets will be submitted by DIETs at IUCTE not later than 12th March 2018.


  • The teacher of the selected schools may provide brief of the activities the students beyond classroom (of 2017-2018).


  • Besides the teachers, the DIETs, BRCs and HM of the school will also share their experiences on the sheet provided for them.