First meeting of Research Advisory Committee and Consultative Committee

The first meeting of the Research Advisory Committee and Consultative Committee of IUCTE, BHU was held on 16/02/2018 at Conference room LD Guest House, BHU. The expert members (16) such as Prof. Kamlesh Joshipura,

Ex Vice-Chancellor National Institute of Teacher Education, Prof. H.C.S. Rathore, Vice-Chancellor of South Bihar Central University, Prof. K. Murali Dhar, Jawaharlal Nehru Chair Hyderabad University, Prof. Saroj Yadav,Dean NCERT and others from different disciplines across the country attended the meeting. Prof. B.K. Tripathi, Chairman of the Committee and Director of IUCTE, BHU presented the Vision document and Academic programs to be undertaken by the Centre. He highlighted the Objective and Functions of the IUCTE to nurture a sustainable ecosystem for capacity building in the field of Teacher Education to achieve Quality Education for All (QEFA). All the members actively took part and gave their view points to shape the Goals and major Academic plans to be undertaken by IUCTE. The members especially focused on strengthening the policies and programs for Teacher Educators. It was realized that both basic research and field studies are essential to establish the models for Teacher Education Programs and Professional Development of Teacher Educators that could be adopted/adapted throughout the country. Prof. H.C.S Rathore, who is also the member of Governing Board of IUCTE, clearly emphasized that the IUCTE, BHU may take up a leadership role to formulate the framework and action plan for Teacher Education. It was agreed by all the members that the IUCTE, BHU has been conceived as an apex body in Teacher Education to advise and assist the Government of India in policy formulation and transforming the Teacher Education ecosystem in the Nation. Prof. S.V.S Chaudhary, Ex Vice-Chairman of NCTE mentioned that a lot of work has already been done under SSA program that should be integrated in the preparation of the road map of the IUCTE. Prof. Bharati Baveja, Ex Dean Central Institute of Education University of Delhi, emphasized on the revival of indigenous values and practices in Teacher Education. Prof. Saroj Yadav categorically mentioned that the recruitment of the staff and the infrastructure development of the Centre may be taken up on high priority so that the academic programs may be conducted smoothly. The members also suggested that the recent initiatives by the Government of India such as four years integrated teacher education programs and covering the entire spectrum of school education from pre-primary to higher secondary may be taken up as a priority area in the academic programs of the IUCTE, BHU. Prof. Kiran Berman, Economics, Prof. R.C. Mishra, Psychology, Prof. R.P. Shukla, Education and Prof. P.C. Upadhaya IIT (BHU), and Dr. G.N. Tiwari, Senior Consultant, IUCTE attended the meeting and have given their valuable suggestions such as revamping of teacher education institutions, identification of barriers in achieving quality education, and improving language proficiency across the teaching discipline. Dr. Yogesh Velankar, Adjunct Faculty, IIT (BHU) emphasized that IUCTE can be a hub centre and an integrated platform to synthesize and disseminate best practices in the field of Teacher Education.

The Research Advisory Committee desired that the meeting of the Consultative Committee may be held periodically to strengthen the academic functioning of the IUCTE, BHU.

The Research Advisory Committee deliberated on the academic programs of IUCTE for 2018-2019 and agreed upon the same.

Dr. Anil Tiwari, Senior Administrative Officer of the IUCTE expressed the vote of thanks.