1st Finance Committee Meeting Of IUCTE, BHU

1st Finance Committee Meeting Of IUCTE, BHU held on 22nd January at UGC , New Delhi. Details of Finance Committee Members is here Billow 


Finance Committee

Chairman - Prof. Chandra Pal Singh Chauhan, Ex-Dept, Depatment of Social Science, Alligarh, Muslim University, Alligarh

Ex-Officio Committee:-

  1. Mr.P.k Thakur , Secretary, UGC
  2. Mr.P.k Thakur , Advisor, UGC
  3. Prof. B.K Tripathi, Director, IUCTE, BHU
  4. The Bureau Head of IUC Section, UGC

Nominated Member:-

  1. Prof. H C S Rathor, Vice Chancellor, CUSB, Patna.
  2. One Senior Professional Staff of the IUCTE, BHU to be nominated by the Governing Board
  3. Dr. Anil Tiwari, Assistant Registrar, IMS, BHU.